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Some recent projects...
BIG little LDN
We have just revamped the website to house expanding creative and marketing capabilities, and launch a whole new venture – BIG SHOT – aimed at building a team of Gen Z and A researchers and opinion formers. 
Working with our illustration-lead brand look and feel is always a pleasure.
As part of a larger project, I was brought in to develop the brand look and feel, and iterate the UX and UI of a concept lifestyle plant retailer app, Bloem. In particular, creating more rewarding user experiences and more opportunities to make informed cross-purchasing decisions, whilst still maintaining a seamless customer fulfilment journey.
As a brand advisor and Creative Director for Samson, a start up developing wearable technology to combat erectile dysfunction, this was a fascinating challenge, developing a brand narrative and meaningful customer relationships in deeply sensitive territory. 
To attract investment we brought the user experience to life, developing a working prototype for the wearable tech and the accompanying app that gamified exercises designed to improve erectile function naturally, rewarding the user for their progress – as if the physical changes weren't reward enough!
Cornelia James
Rebranding of the glove maker of choice to royalty and the fashion cognoscenti. The project included the development of the narrative, a complimentary retail vocabulary, and a new brand extension – 'Cornelia'.
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