Brand strategy / Creative direction / Design / Art direction / Copywriting 
Brand identity / Brand guidelines / Literature / Stationery / Signage / Advertising / E-marketing / Video / Web design / Content generation
We’re no longer tied to devices, locations and software, an office, or the 9-to-5. AppSense developed solutions that enables businesses to 'virtualise' the workplace, connecting the workforce to every facet of the business through every device in their hands, any time, anywhere. But, how do you convince businesses that what was once a solid and conservative technology brand is now a dynamic, progressive and global challenger?          
Once master, technology is now our slave. We bend it, shape it and mould it to our will without thought, so that we are at the centre of the always-on world. ‘You are the technology’ became the insight that helped to elevate the AppSense brand, giving it the presence, means, voice and conviction of a market leader, and the ability engage key business decision makers on the global stage.
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