Brand strategy / UI/UX strategy / Creative direction / Design / Art direction / Copywriting 
Brand identity / Brand guidelines / UI/UX design / UI/UX guidelines / Web design / Video / Literature / Stationery / Signage / E-marketing / Content generation
Axim is a technology business developing solutions for the end-to-end governance of customer experience, making CX investment more effective for enterprise businesses. To achieve this ambition, Axim set about drawing together best-of-breed expertise across the US and Europe, from technologists, analysts and enterprise architects, to people who could deliver CX at the front end. 
As Head of Experience Design, I joined the team as a creative thinker from outside the technology world, contributing expertise in branding; graphic, digital and experience design; advertising; and integrated marketing experience to the ideation and realisation processes. 
Working in a startup in a new market begins with communicating your own story, simply and compellingly, engaging audiences who are struggling to understand the issues they face, let alone what the solutions may be. Articulating our own 'reason for being' – The power of the moment – enabled us to articulate our thinking in a wealth of channels and ways, and act as a brand with the cut-through and authority to open doors at C-level. It gave rise to focused content, strategies, consultancy, solutions and – the ultimate proof-of-purchase – a range of products designed to help clients create new, more effective and valuable user experiences, both for themselves and their customers.  
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