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In a commodity, low-margin marketplace, BMW owners had to be convinced that the price premium for BMW Car Insurance is the sensible and desirable choice. With little opportunity other than the point at which the car was purchased, and a salesforce focused on that task, how could BMW Car Insurance possibly influence a decision that had already been made?
The concept was to establish a new mindset for buyer and seller alike, with an entirely rational conclusion: Having paid over the odds for the right car, like the right oil, only insurance tailored for it will do. BMW Car Insurance completes the BMW car-owning experience. The integrated campaign encapsulated the idea as ‘BMW Insurance. The final component.’, leveraging the same iconic imagery and tone used to market the car. Instead of a reluctant after-thought, BMW Car Insurance products became the price worth paying to ensure your BMW remains pure BMW, looked after by the only the people who can really look after it.

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