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Andy and Anita Gardiner, owners of the Beatson House restaurant nestled deep in the Yorkshire countryside, were always enhancing the richness and indulgence of their desserts. The outcome was an award-winning range of liqueurs, flavoured by traditional crowd-pleasing puddings. Taste awards brought the interest of several supermarkets, but success in local farm shops needed to translate to supermarket shelves.      
Rather than create yet another 'farm shop' label, tweaking the home-spun feel of the original label for improved on-shelf presence, the resulting identity and packaging looked at creating the 'sense of occasion' for a drink that were essentially in a market of one. The visual language and story of the products married the humble comfort-food nature of the desserts with a blend of their origins and local provenance, and a new drinking experience; the indulgence of a 'dessert liqueur'. As well as continued growth and distribution in the farm shop market, Boozy Infusion was taken up by Asda and Morrisons.  
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