Brand strategy / Creative direction / Design / Art direction / Copywriting 
Brand identity / Brand guidelines / Literature / Stationery / Signage / Environments / Advertising / E-marketing / Video / UI/UX / Web design / CX design / Content generation
Extreme Design was an interior design business that wanted to live up to its name, to give clients the freedom to realise unequivocally individual living spaces, no two being the same. While their culture and existing production was constrained by the established industry model of 'design and build', the question was how?
By working with the team and prospective customers to articulate this story and the personality of the business, we enabled them to embrace an evolved brand identity heralding a bold new language and wholesale cultural change. The first step involved devising proof-of-concept customer stories, capturing the most cherished moments of their lives. Briefs, designs and entirely unique living spaces were then created, giving substance to launch materials spanning all media, and changes to environments and working practices that encouraged the team to invite customers to throw away the rulebook.
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