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Lensrappa was the brainchild of two retired gentlemen, formulated whilst comparing score cards at the 19th hole. Decrying the need to carry bulky cases for reading glasses around the course, they hit upon a simpler solution – the Lensrappa – reducing lens protection to its most essential form, creating an original in the process. 
Originally marketed under their own joint names, Dundas & Bergen, the uniqueness of the product was getting mired in the need to first build value and desirability around a 'faux heritage' brand.

The simple solution was to re-launch the product under it's own evocative name. By doing so, we were able to reposition it to much wider audiences, as an essential 'style-enabler' for people who didn't want to spoil their profile, be that in the bar, on the court or in the street – The epitome of style. 
This then gave rise to an unapologetically powerful sense of modern Britishness in the execution of the identity itself, tone and visual language. The branding playfully evokes just enough of the cool efficiency and crispness associated with the traditional values of a stiff upper lip and a desire to maintain absolute discretion. Fuss-free lens care, kept under wraps.
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